Reviews of '22 Jump Street,' 'The Double' and 'Riot on the Dance Floor' Lead Our Film Roundup

Reviews of '22 Jump Street,' 'The Double' and 'Riot on the Dance Floor' Lead Our Film Roundup
If you're superstitious, you're probably not having the best of days. All of you avoiding black cats, ladders and mirrors today can breathe a sigh of relief — Friday the 13th doesn't have to be all bad! Turn your luck around with today's Film Review roundup, in which we collect our reviews of some of the weekend's biggest and put them all in one place. Read on to get the skinny on the films that are hitting theatres now. It won't bring you seven years of bad luck — we promise.

Leading today's roundup is our review of 22 Jump Street, the hilarious return of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as dysfunctional undercover crime-stoppers. Read our review to see what chaos ensues when Hill and Tatum's high school aliases take on college.

Next, we've got a comedy of the darker variety. Read our review of The Double, a film adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's mind-bending novella of the same title. In this film, Jesse Eisenberg takes on the acting challenge of playing both the main character and his look-alike doppelgänger, but you'll have to follow the link to find out if he pulls it off.

NXNE is a hotbed for music documentaries, and with the festival kicking off this week in Toronto, we've got a few reviews of films that will be gracing the NXNE screen. First, read our review of Riot on the Dance Floor, a documentary celebrating the career of club promoter Randy Now, while simultaneously illuminating the highs and lows of punk rock on the East coast. We've also got a review of the Quiet Riot doc, Well Now You're Here, There's No Way Back: The Quiet Riot Movie, which details all of the sex, drugs and rock & roll that went down during the rock legends' careers. Fans of Quiet Riot and '80s rock in general will want to see what our reviewer has to say.

Finally, All Cheerleaders Die is the newest addition to the genre of oversexed, campy, B-list horror films. This film will either give viewers a big scare or a big laugh — follow the link and decide for yourself.

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