Reverend Charlie Jackson God's Got It

More people need to hear the Reverend’s message. God’s Got It documents a series of recordings done by guitar-slinging preacher Jackson and his faithful associates during the ’70s. Beyond the unswerving faith of each of these evocative songs, this collection appeals on many levels. These songs were put out one single at a time, all recorded in Rev. Robert Booker’s basement studio in New Orleans on a one-track machine. The DIY cred is obvious. Jackson was no guitar genius, but the combination of his powerful voice, lyrics, and rocking guitar produces music that speaks to the very essence of blues, rock and roll, jazz and soul. Jackson’s music is more elemental than any choral or even communal organisation a church choir can produce. As with Delta blues, this is music with no fixed time signatures and song structure but don’t assume that this is “primitive” music by any means. Despite the recording’s many lo-fi, unschooled characteristics, Jackson’s lyrics and images are forceful, lyrical, and passionate and his method of communication fully formed. (Case Quarter)