Revelstoke "Dans La Mer (Howl for Sade)" (video)

Revelstoke 'Dans La Mer (Howl for Sade)' (video)
How's this for a compelling concept of a music video: "It's a cross between The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Le Voyage Dan La Lune." That description comes from Revelstoke main man Andrew Seale, who used that concept for the video for "Dans La Mer (Howl for Sade)" from his upcoming EP My-Oh-My.

The animated clip accompanying this quirky folk waltz shows a well-dressed couple plunging into the ocean in a vintage-looking underwater capsule. They see a bevy of sea creatures and get into an altercation with a giant squid before the capsule unexpectedly turns into a rocket and they blast off into space.

Watch it below courtesy of our friends at AUX.

Revelstoke will release My-Oh-My with a show at Sneaky Dee's in Toronto on October 25.