Reunited Grade to Record Songs for New Seven-Inch Comp

Reunited Grade to Record Songs for New Seven-Inch Comp
Ontario's post-straight-edge hardcore heroes Grade are back together and will be releasing a pair of songs for an upcoming seven-inch compilation, according to their MySpace. And you know what that means: a full-fledged reunion of coifed hair and rolling-on-the-floor angst may be right around the corner.

The band, who broke up in 2002 and have played a handful of one-off shows since, will be contributing a pair of new songs for the final issue of the At Both Ends magazine, which will come with the vinyl comp.

Grade bassist Matt Jones recently posted that the reformed band has been jamming for some time, and the vinyl release was a good opportunity to record two of the new songs they've written.

"[Guitarist] Shawn [Magill], [guitarist] Greg [Taylor], [vocalist] Kyle [Bishop] and I have been jamming with our good friend [drummer] Matt Richmond, from the Video Dead and Saint Alvia, for a little while now," Jones wrote. "What started out as getting together to jam for fun has produced some pretty awesome new songs and we can't wait to get in the studio and see what we can do with them.

"No plans for reunion tours or albums or any of that stuff right now, we're just having a good time playing together again and we'll see where it goes from here."

Yeah right, that's what bands always say before they reunite. Tony Brummel at Victory Records, Grade's ex-label, is probably salivating like one of Pavlov's dogs right now.

Also on the upcoming At Both Ends comp, which will be a double seven-inch, will be two songs each by Boston melodic hardcore institution Bane, Portland ragers Unrestrained and Seattle poet Greg Bennick's hardcore band, Between Earth and Sky. The magazine and vinyl set is expected to be released this fall.

Grade's MySpace also says they may release the two songs as a digital EP after the seven-inch comp is out. "We'll see what happens," posted Jones.

After Grade splintered in 2002, members went on to play in Jersey, To the Lions, the Black Maria, Saint Alvia and, um, Avril Lavigne's band, among others. Grade's 1998 and 1999 releases, Separate the Magnets and Under the Radar respectively, are still considered two of the best metalcore/hardcore albums in Canadian history. Their final album, 2001's Headfirst Straight to Hell, well, not so much.

By the time the band broke up, only Bishop remained with some dudes from Somehow Hollow.

So, as you see, a Grade reunion could only be a better final chapter for this band.