Resonars Lunar Kit

The Resonars are one of those bands that hold up the Nuggets compilations as the Holy Grail of all things musical and use them as their guide through the musical wasteland that we now find ourselves in. Fortunately, their take on the whole Nuggets scene isn't as one-dimensional as so many other bands. Instead, they manage to sound like a wealth of different bands, ranging from the melodic harmonies of the Hollies to the rampant guitars of MC5, with an inevitable but healthy dose of the Beatles thrown in for good measure. A great deal of effort has been made to make Lunar Kit sound as if it was recorded at around the same time as the material that influenced it - it has a real timeless quality that makes it hard to believe that it isn't a lost gem from the late '60s. And everything about the album screams 1960s, from the music to the sleeve design, and while this level of denial could be a dangerous thing, we should be very happy that the Resonars inhabit those times, because it has inspired them to write 11 wonderful, wonderful songs that could soften the hardest of hearts. (Get Hip)