"Rescued" Joy Division/New Order Master Tapes Being Held for Ransom, According to Peter Hook

'Rescued' Joy Division/New Order Master Tapes Being Held for Ransom, According to Peter Hook
Peter Hook and his ex-New Order bandmates have been embroiled in a bitter feud for some time, but now they have a mutual enemy: a former assistant for late Joy Division/New Order producer Martin Hannett. Named Julia Adamson, the assistant (who was also a label exec and onetime member of the Fall) worked at Hannett's Strawberry Studios and last month "rescued" a trove of old master tapes from acts like Joy Division, New Order, Psychedelic Furs, Buzzcocks, the Durutti Column, OMD and Magazine. Now there's a battle brewing over ownership of the music.

Hook has apparently been appointed to act on New Order's behalf in the negotiation with Adamson. He told the Hollywood Reporter, "It was like someone finding a pharaoh's tomb. This cache of Joy Division tapes had been unearthed by this wonderful knight in shining armour. Unfortunately, she's now holding them ransom."

Hook said that he offered her a finder's fee and a cut of royalties, but this apparently wasn't enough, since Adamson reportedly turned him down. Hook explained, "These things turn up, and people sometimes think they've found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: 'This is gonna make me a millionaire!'"

He further added that Warner Music Group technically owns the tapes and said that the label is likely to take legal action against Adamson.

Hannett, who died in 1991, kept the tapes until Strawberry Studios went bankrupt. According to Adamson, he had intended to throw away the tapes, but she rescued them and kept them for about two and a half years.

Her portrayal of her interaction with New Order is very different from Hook's account; a month ago, she wrote on Facebook, "When I approached the artists (who were my first port of call) I was subjected to accusations and abuse.. so I don't really care anymore."

She added that Hook was "not a happy bunny."

In more positive news, Hook is currently taking New Order's Movement and Power, Corruption & Lies out on a North American tour, which includes some Canadian dates. You can see the entire schedule here.