Michael Stipe Shares Film Song, Hints at New Music

Michael Stipe Shares Film Song, Hints at New Music
Since disbanding in 2011, the members of R.E.M. have managed to keep their fans satiated. While guitarist Peter Buck has focused on solo material and a new supergroup, the band's archives have also been mined for more material. Now, it's former frontman Michael Stipe's turn to let loose some new music.

Marking the first music he's made since R.E.M. disbanded, Stipe has recorded an instrumental song that's set to appear in his friend Tom Gilroy's new film The Cold Lands. He's shared the track, which features plenty of hard-hitting drums and synthesizers, over at Salon.

Speaking with Salon, Stipe said, "This is, in fact, the first thing that I've done musically since R.E.M disbanded. So, of course, I wanted it to be for something that meant a lot to me. That was important."

Stipe played the drums on the song alongside producer Andy LeMaster, who played bass. Stipe, who admits he "can't play an instrument to save my life," said he's been trying to expand his repertoire. "I spent the last couple of year trying to surprise myself and embark on journeys that are outside my comfort and experience. And so, why not do it? What's stopping me from doing it? The only thing I can do is fail, at the very worst. Or insult someone, and I don't think that happened."

Further, Stipe said this was "like a great first project" following R.E.M. When asked if he was working on more new music, Stipe said, "I don't know. Let's put a giant parenthesis around that.... I love music. I think it's an immensely moving form for me, but how do I apply that to where I am now?"