Remains of Brian Borcherdt Volume 2

Brian Borcherdt continues to make gritty, hazy, indie-rock whose fragility should not be mistaken for weakness. If songs like "Crown of Sparks” and "Wanna Leave This City” possess the intimacy of a homemade four-track recording, it’s because Borcherdt composed this stunning record in apartments and at Andy Magoffin’s house (of Miracles, that is). The neighbours probably couldn’t stand the racket of "Flight” and were certainly overwhelmed by the beauty of "Bright Red Wagon.” Borcherdt is able to balance Hayden-like whispers with full-on punk rock bursts, leading his band-mates through mid-tempo ballads like "Unstoppable” and bouncy art-rockers such as "Gunslinger” with equal authority. Emotive and genuine, Volume 2 furthers Borcherdt’s claim as a hidden gem singer-songwriter that should be sought out. (Dependent)