R.E.M. "Blue" (video) (dir. James Franco)

R.E.M. 'Blue' (video) (dir. James Franco)
Before R.E.M. broke up, singer Michael Stipe commissioned some videos to be made for the troupe's final album, Collapse into Now. Actor James Franco has now finally revealed his contribution via a video for album track "Blue." Better late than never, we suppose.

The video for the tranquil spoken word-style rambler mostly scrolls by on sky-bound shots of Los Angeles, though there are plenty of Hollywood signs shot from ground level thrown into the mix. You also get a cameo from Lindsay Lohan, who is apparently in the middle of a photo shoot with sex-obsessed snapper Terry Richardson.

You can watch it all below.

Apparently, Franco was also supposed to issue a clip for "That Something Is You," but nothing has materialized thus far.