Red Velvet Swing Paramours

Like every other band on the planet, Vancouver's Red Velvet Swing have managed to come up with one of those magical descriptions that sums their music up in a couple of words, yet still manages to make them completely unique. Theirs is "neo-retro," but you get a better idea of what to expect from their name. Away from martinis and friends, this album doesn't fare quite so well - the similarities between many of the songs prevent any one track from standing out. The majority of the material on their debut, Paramours, falls into that hinterland between lively and laid-back - you could definitely call it mellow but there is still an attempt to add some more interesting beats to the background. Paramours is a little long at nearly an hour, but I can't help but think that Red Velvet Swing are one of those bands that you need to see live to really get the most out of their music. On album, they just feel a little flat. (Independent)