Red Thread After The Last

The Red Thread and After The Last is the result of Jason Lakis turning over a new leaf. After his band Half Film decided to pack it in, the singer/songwriter wrote some tunes, called some friends and recorded After The Last. Without even hearing his former band it's easy to see that Lakis has benefited from its demise. As the Red Thread, he has managed to write some great songs that delve into everything from Americana to melodic guitar rock. Surprisingly, members of Calexico and Giant Sand do not make guest appearances, yet it sounds like they are all over this album. Even more surprising is Lakis's treatment of an old Bad Brains tune, "Sailin' On." Of course, it lacks the volume and funk that Bad Brains had, but it's a great cover, and if you listen closely it's not too hard to imagine Bad Brains playing it. (Badman)