The Red Crows "Transfiguration" / "Waiting on a Train" / "Free Money" (Patti Smith cover)

The Red Crows 'Transfiguration' / 'Waiting on a Train' / 'Free Money' (Patti Smith cover)
After stirring things up for years as garage-blues duo Cursed Arrows, Ryan and Jack E Stanley are now putting the focus on new group the Red Crows, having just issued their three-song debut.

The project, which also includes Jon Epworth alternating between bass, drum and production duties, kicks things off with a raw cover of Patti Smith's stirring "Free Money," but get even wilder on their own "Transfiguration," a fuzz-flinging blues-punk pounder praising mind over matter.

The band later hitch a ride on a White Stripes-styled groove for "Waiting on a Train," which slowly builds itself up from a muddy, down-on-the-Delta guitar riff into a bullet train blast of screeches, snare hits and other touches of sonic chaos.

You can find all three tracks in the player down below, or purchase them on Bandcamp.