Red Chord Fused Together In Revolving Doors

Boston, MA, continues its increasingly long line of utterly destructive musical misanthropes with the debut from its latest sonic kill team, the Red Chord. Fused Together In Revolving Doors is a completely ruthless slab of extreme music, a "jack of all destructions” spanning technical grind, brutal death metal, metallic hardcore and dissonant noisecore, all delivered with a flawless execution and a clear production that hastens the level of hostility and malice. More akin to Cephalic Carnage, Soilent Green or Cryptopsy than the Dillinger Escape Plan or Converge, even as they retain fleeting elements of those, the Red Chord nevertheless transverses all of the extreme underground with ease, establishing a wide appeal for seekers of sonic violence. Vocally, and musically, the Red Chord firmly sit within the death/grind sphere, unleashing a growled Napalm Death vocal style with only the occasional spoken word passage or shriek adding contrast, while the old school Morbid Angel-style pitch harmonics littered throughout and technically precise grind passages and breaks further the obliterating onslaught. The playing verges on impeccably precise and flawless, while the lyrical content offers more than the standard death or hardcore fare; examining the beauty myth, the morality of offing rapists, etc. With Fused Together In Revolving Doors, the Red Chord has unleashed a Death Star-like debut of unimaginable destructive power. (Robotic Empire)