Recyclone Numbers

The person responsible for writing the bio for Halifax, NS's leftfield rapper Recyclone set the expectations pretty high for his debut full-length, Numbers, alluding to a true "advancement" of hip-hop that never actually manifests. However, there's a fresh spin on the familiar form, which should be expected from an artist who has recorded with Sixtoo, DJ Moves, Pip Skid, and Greenthink. Forgoing the typical hip-hop producers - and there are many talented ones that Recyclone could have worked with - for North of America's J. Lapointe might have been a much bolder move, except that most of the tracks don't really venture far from the underground hip-hop norm. Math rocker Lapointe produces some precise and darkly symphonic sound frames, and then creates some adventuresome noise collages with "Land of the Half Dead" and "Water Based," instrumentals over which Recyclone's spoken word style sounds most comfortable. Plus, there's the block rockin' political duets "Log Off" and "Industrial Hell," which both feature Knowself, as if the beats were made for him. It also doesn't hurt that turntable accompaniment is provided by Skratch Bastid (of 1200 Hobos). What most audiences might find abrasive about Numbers is Recyclone himself - he questions society, government, our own presumptions and the biters in Halifax. And as Recyclone questions, he hopes his audience questions. Unfortunately it may be too much for most, and it isn't helped along by Recyclone's preference for spoken word, over flowing raps. Still, Numbers is another strong addition to Halifax's experimental hip-hop catalogue. (Perilunar)