Recyclone Corroding the Dead World

Epic can rest safe as the sunniest member of Clothes Horse Records, even after the release of Corroding the Dead World by new label-mate, Recyclone. Disguised behind a hot pink colour scheme, this one-disc re-release of Recyclone’s first two albums is a nihilistic journey through death and decomposition worthy of Burroughs, Giger and the minds at the Black Library; technology gone wrong has been forced upon flesh long rotted. The production is perfectly suited to the mood. Sixtoo’s minimal, drum-heavy work on Dead World (1997) is dark and scientifically removed from all emotions except hopelessness, while Graematter provides a dirgy, machine-like industrial hip-hop for Corroding the Cellular Engine. His drum-less production creates a great spoken word moment for "Slow Rot,” and "Dog Dick” delves into drum&bass, but it’s the human hate song, "Fucking Animals,” produced by Sixtoo, that is the album highlight. The four-song bonus section is alright, although the only necessary track to come of it is "We Don’t Exist” featuring Pip Skid. Recyclone proves death metal can merge with hip-hop for some good results. (Clothes Horse)