Recueil Morbide Hurt By Human Race

This one really came outta nowhere, as Recueil Morbide's totally killer disc comes to fruition via a small French label, wrapped in cover art that will not be reeling anyone in. A shame, as Hurt By Human Race contains half an hour of some of the better grinding death metal to come out in a while. A clear production shows that these guys know what they're doing, as they can all handle their instruments through the tricky technical grind as well as they can lay waste to them during the more straight-ahead death metal parts. There's a forward-thinking vibe here as well, what with the smart mixture of Cookie Monster death and screaming grind, the aforementioned clean production and even some sung vocals in one song. It all comes together wonderfully and the end result sounds like one of the better Quebec extreme metal acts, with Recueil Morbide showing a dual capacity of being able to confuse and destroy all at once. Hurt By Human Race is highly suggested for the extreme metal types lurking about out there. (Deadsun)