Record Store Day Unveils Massive List of 2011 Releases

Record Store Day Unveils Massive List of 2011 Releases
We already knew that this year's Record Store Day would be one to remember. The last few weeks have brought a succession of exciting announcements about exclusive releases and reissues that will be coming to indie record stores next month. Now, the organizers have unveiled a massive list of all the goodies that will be out on April 16.

Via an eight-page PDF file, RSD has unveiled the official exclusives, all of which are listed in alphabetical order. Helpfully, the list also includes how many copies of each release will be pressed. Some of the regional and limited releases are running in pressings of 200 or less (there's a Daedelus twelve-inch single with only 150 copies).

UPDATE: You can see an even more comprehensive list here on the Record Store Day website.

We've announced many of these releases already, including (deep breath): a Flaming Lips box set, Nirvana EP, Kill Rock Stars compilation, Foo Fighters covers album, Deftones covers album, Decemberists live EP, Ryan Adams outtakes EP, Wild Flag single, Rolling Stones single, Flying Lotus outtakes album, and a split from Bibio and Clark.

Interestingly, a few of the previously announced Record Store Day releases aren't included on this list. For example, the Talulah Gosh demo and the seven-inch reissues from the Wake are nowhere to be found. Perhaps this list isn't complete, or maybe these releases are not officially associated with Record Store Day.

Click here to download that PDF.