Record Store Day Rolls Out Its Official List of 2014 Exclusives

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 20, 2014

We've been gradually updating our massive list of Record Store Day exclusives that will be coming our way on April 19, and now the official list has been revealed.

At Record Store Day's website, it has provided a hefty list of limited-edition releases that will arrive in indie shops next month, and you can view the official list here. We already knew about most of these, but there are a few interesting additions, including a cassette version of Skrillex's new album Recess via Atlantic.

Previously announced releases included such exclusives as R.E.M.'s MTV Unplugged box set, Tame Impala's live EP, Veruca Salt's comeback 10-inch, LCD Soundsystem's farewell show box set, the Flaming Lips' condensed version of their 24-hour song, a Bruce Springsteen EP, a Dinosaur Jr. singles box and many more.

Bear in mind that, while there are lists for the U.S. and the UK, this isn't an official Canadian list. However, Canadian releases usually mirror the U.S. list fairy closely, but this isn't a guarantee that these will be available in our country.

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