Record Store Day Fallout 2019: How Much Those Exclusives Will Now Cost You Online

Record Store Day Fallout 2019: How Much Those Exclusives Will Now Cost You Online
Another Record Store Day took place this weekend, celebrating brick and mortar record stores with a lengthy list of vinyl exclusives pressed up for the occasion. In what has since become its own tradition, plenty of shoppers are now looking to flip the exclusives online for exorbitant sums of money.

Not unlike past years, we're here to fuel your rage against capitalism through pointing out some of the most shameless flipping going on post-RSD. Of course, all prices identified are in Canadian dollars and do not account for shipping costs.

This year's crop of RSD releases had some artists taking the opportunity to share brand new studio albums in conjunction with the day of vinyl. Copies of Sunn O)))'s Life Metal can be found at reasonable price points between $40 and $60 on both eBay and Discogs, with a pair of sealed copies inexplicably crossing the three-figure threshold on the latter site. 

It's a similar story on Discogs for the Flaming Lips and their new King's Mouth (Music and Songs). On eBay, the album can be found for prices between $55 and $73, while one Discogs seller dares to make a mint by listing the record for $163.15.

An anticipated title coming back to wax was Robyn's Body Talk, with a re-sequenced version of the Swedish pop star's 2010 effort arriving as a 2xLP set on white vinyl. While prices for original pressings are listed for over $400, paying for this new version will cost you much less, with prices on both eBay and Discogs ranging between $100 and $200.

Discogs sales statistics show that a single copy of Body Talk has been sold through the site so far, to the tune of $119.70. While other copies tied up in eBay auctions haven't hit the three-figure mark yet, it wouldn't shock us if bids cleared that amount in the coming days.

The first-ever vinyl release of Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y and the Alchemist's collaborative album Fetti is proving to be a hot commodity in the days following RSD. While copies went for about $30 IRL, every copy listed on Discogs ranges from $100 to $266. Prices on eBay also exceed $100 for this one, and we don't expect these two auctions to remain under that price much longer.

When it comes to box sets, the 7-inch set of Aretha Franklin's Atlantic Singles hovers close to $100 on eBay, though a number of Discogs sellers are willing to sell it for half the price based on current listings. Its a similar outlook for Sugar Hill Records' 40th anniversary box set, with eBay prices topping out at $166 while Discogs listings have a number of copies starting at around $100.

We questioned the decision to give David Bowie's covers album Pin Ups the reissue treatment as a remastered picture disc, and it appears that loads of online sellers will soon ask the same: a total of 155 copies (the majority of them sealed) are for sale on Discogs alone as of press time, ranging from $23.93 through over $100.

The eBay crowd are hoping Bowie fans are a little less discerning on where to find the best deal, with the picture disc topping out at $120.61. For what it's worth, a black vinyl version could easily be found in the used bins for $20 or so, if not less.

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