Record Store Day Fallout 2018: How Much Those Exclusives Will Now Cost You Online

Record Store Day Fallout 2018: How Much Those Exclusives Will Now Cost You Online
Another Record Store Day came and went this past weekend, ushering in another decade of celebration of brick and mortar record stores with all manner of vinyl exclusives and rampant consumerism. Like clockwork, plenty of shoppers are now looking to flip said RSD exclusives online for ridiculous prices.

After combing through pages of Discogs and eBay listings, we've identified some of the most shameless flipping going on for you below. Of course, all prices identified are in Canadian dollars and do not account for shipping costs.

Some of the bigger artists attached to this year's crop of RSD releases had their early works repressed or made available on vinyl for the first time. Flippers looking to cash in on Arcade Fire's 2003 self-titled EP, which arrived remastered on blue wax, currently have copies prices around $40 to $50 on both eBay and Discogs, with prices of sealed copies on the latter reaching three figures

David Bowie's 1967 self-titled debut, which we feel is one of the worst in his catalogue, arrived as a coloured 2xLP set that included the album in both mono and stereo. The highest-priced edition currently on Discogs ($144) is one that was "opened, played partially once," which is perhaps a testament to how inessential that album really is. More enterprising eBay flippers are selling all four Bowie RSD releases for upwards of $270.

We warned you about potential quality issues on the trio of Taylor Swift releases, but that hasn't done enough to keep prices down on reissues of her self-titled album, Fearless and 1989. The coloured repressings are being listed for between $50 and $90 on average, though plenty of users are also flipping all three records as a package for upwards of $200.

When it comes to box sets, the 5xLP deluxe reissue of Johnny Cash's At Folsom Prison can be had for over $200 on eBay, though you can save some cash from Discogs sellers based on current listings, which hover around the $100 mark. The same goes for the Grateful Dead's 4xLP Fillmore West 1969 February 27th box, which tops out at $216 on eBay, but starts at just over $100 less on Discogs.

As far as those exclusives that made you wonder "who would ever buy this," the 10-inch Porg shapedisc featuring music from Star Wars: The Last Jedi is fetching prices of up to $100 on both sites, while this collection of unreleased 1970's porno music is among the pricier oddities on both eBay and Discogs.

Run the Jewels were of course named ambassadors of this year's Record Store Day, a title they can claim alongside their tendency to release RSD-exclusives that don't necessarily have to be records. This year's Marvel Comics-assisted "Stay Gold " Collectors Box, which packaged an exclusive 12-inch, stickers, posters and a slipmat into a crate designed to hold all your RTJ vinyl, is fetching upwards of three figures across both sites.

And if you didn't make it out to get any of these exclusives, some truly shameless eBay dwellers have somehow put a price on an RSD swag bag that includes CD samplers and pins, to make it feel like you were really there.