Record Store Day Fallout 2016: How Much Those Exclusives Now Cost on eBay

Record Store Day Fallout 2016: How Much Those Exclusives Now Cost on eBay
Every spring, hardcore record collector nerds, youths hunting for cool home décor, and slimy sharks looking to make a quick buck converge and descend upon Record Store Day. The beloved annual tradition took place over the weekend, and now the latter group have starting to put their RSD finds up for sale on eBay at totally unreasonable prices.

If you're curious just how much coin some of those exclusives are now fetching online, here are a just some of the unfortunate highlights we ran across. And, yes, all the prices below are in Canadian dollars and do not factor in shipping.
For one, Sublime fans are expressing their dedication with their wallets, with a signed copy of Jah Won't Pay the Bills going for $300, while one of the 420 limited-edition cassette copies went for a hefty $120.
Another top item getting hocked online is Lush's five-LP Origami box set, which was limited to 1,000 copies and is currently running for resale at around $200. Other notable box sets racking up online bids include Radical Face's four-LP Family Tree set for $340, a Townes Van Zandt Heartworn Highways OST set for $280, a 10-LP Monkees collection for $260, a Creedence Clearwater Revival 1969 retrospective collection for $230, and a Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet box set for a cool $190.
Fans aren't just willing to shell out the big bucks for huge compilation sets, either. A Dead Can Dance Anastasis double LP on green vinyl went for $190, Phish's pink and orange splattered Hoist went for upwards of $160, Deftones' B-Sides and Rarities has been taking in offers of $160, Emmylou Harris's deluxe vinyl version of Wrecking Ball made $150, and Xiu Xiu's take on Twin Peaks is going for $140.
The White Stripes' John Peel Sessions topped our list of RSD's most desirable offerings, and we're clearly not the only ones who think so. The double-LP set has been resold online for over $145, while Jack White's Muppets-affiliated 7-inch single "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" sold for almost $100. Elsewhere, a pair of David Bowie picture discs also garnered bids up to $145, and Star Wars fans also hopped on the picture disc bandwagon, dropping $130 for John Williams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack.
Other valuable 7-inch offerings arrived and went again with the Shaggs' "Maria" (selling for $130), Ramones' peach-coloured "Judy Is a Punk" ($100), Gerard Way's "Pinkish"/"Don't Try" ($100), NOFX's "Sid and Nancy" ($100) and Wolf Alice's "White Leather"/"Leaving You" ($100).
It's not just music that's getting put back on the market. Metallica fans looking to score a Ride the Lightning guitar pick will have to shell out up to $190 for one, though there are also a handful of overly ambitious listings with asking prices set at $450. Fans on a bit more of a budget, can grab a wearable button for $8.
Other impressively dumb merch mark-ups include the limited-edition Mickey Mouse Crosley turntable, which is going for up to $230.