Record Store Day Fallout 2012: How Much Those Exclusives Are Now Fetching on eBay

Record Store Day Fallout 2012: How Much Those Exclusives Are Now Fetching on eBay
Record Store Day is over for another year, but the hunt for exclusive goodies hasn't quite passed just yet. Just like last year, many of the most coveted releases have inevitably ended up on eBay, and some of them are fetching a pretty penny.

Perhaps the coolest thing up for sale is yet another crazy vinyl invention from Jack White: a liquid-filled twelve-inch for his song "Sixteen Saltines." As awesome as it looks, some of these are going for truly crazy prices, with one selling for $3,500 (most others are in the hundreds of dollars range) and an etched version going for a comparatively modest (but still pricey) $123.

The record that seems to be stirring up the most frenzy, though, is the triple-LP version of Phish's album Junta. One eBay user forked out $330 for a copy.

Of course, the Flaming Lips' compilation of collaborations, The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends, is another hot-ticket item, with one copy going for $150. Also, that Gorillaz ten-inch picture disc featuring James Murphy and Andre 3000 fetched $125.

The punks of the world have also been paying through the nose. One fan paid $195 for a clear vinyl version of the Misfits' Walk Among Us, while a seller is seeking a staggering $250 for Social Distortion's vinyl pressing of Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes.

David Lynch's star-studded charity compilation, Music That Changes the World, is going for $200. But we can't help but wonder if the seller plans to donate any of the profits to the David Lynch Foundation.

Lastly, if you feel like overpaying for a seven-inch single, here are some options for your to choose from: Arctic Monkeys' purple vinyl pressing of "R U Mine?" is going for $100, which is the same price as the latest from Garbage, while a Coldplay single is listed at just under $142.

The lesson? If you desperately want a copy of your favourite Record Store Day release, save yourself some money by showing up to the store early next year.