Read Up on the Latest Cerebral Entertainment with Source Code, Winter in Wartime and Essential Killing in This Week's Film Roundup

Read Up on the Latest Cerebral Entertainment with <i>Source Code</i>, <i>Winter in Wartime</i> and <i>Essential Killing</i> in This Week's Film Roundup
Yet another week and another April Fool's comes to a close with the newest batch of Friday theatrical releases, reminding us, much like Six Feet Under, that everything ends. But, since it's all about the journey, you might want to check out the latest in sociological allegory on the big screen after participating in various forms of chicanery and tomfoolery. As always, we've got you covered with the latest reviews in the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section.

First up, David Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, follows up his low-key existential sci-fi picture, Moon, with the similarly "heady" Source Code (pictured). With Jake Gyllenhaal reliving the same eight minutes in a decidedly less humourous Groundhog Day capacity, this one has the potential to be a spring word-of-mouth hit. But does it deliver the goods? Read our review to find out.

This week also brings us not one but two movies with virtually no dialogue about men surviving the elements without food and proper shelter. Wrecked features Adrien Brody trapped in a car in the woods after an accident leaves him without his memory, while Essential Killing finds Vincent Gallo on the run from American soldiers in Poland. Read our reviews to find out which one hits and which one misses.

It also wouldn't be a true new release Friday without something for the kiddies, which is where Hop comes in, featuring an abundance of poo jokes after a bunny escapes Easter Island to fulfill his dream of being a drummer in California.

Heading over to Europe, we have reviews of the latest WWII drama from Dutch director Martin Koolhoven, Winter in Wartime, along with the Italian social drama Our Life. But if these sound a little too serious for a night out at the movies, maybe the visceral horror Insidious, from Saw director James Wan, is what you're looking for.

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