Ravager Naxzgul Rising

Damn, I hate it when Naxzgul rises, always ruins my day. Mexico’s Ravager contain members of cool black metal wrecking crew Demonized and great gore metallers Disgorge, so it had my interest from the get-go (plus the Osmose logo is usually a seal of quality). And Ravager won’t disappoint anyone into raw, blasting death metal. Love the creepy feel these guys incorporate into all their projects, one that kind of makes me think these guys really do give a shit about Naxzgul, and when they’re not practicing their barbaric blasphemous blasting death metal, they’re bowing down to various altars somewhere in Mexico, worshipping demons whose names I can’t even begin to pronounce. Unfortunately, Ravager have broken up now, rendering all this kind of useless, but the tunes on this album still smoke and resonate in a way death metal should but rarely does anymore. Their latest project is called Hacavitz, so keep an eye out. (Osmose)