Ratking Announce Debut Album 'So It Goes'

Ratking Announce Debut Album 'So It Goes'
New York hip-hop group Ratking broke through with the success of their 2012 EP Wiki93. Two years later, the outfit have finally prepared their first full-length statement.

Called So It Goes, the band's debut album continues to showcase their love of golden era New York sounds. It helps that they tapped Jay Z/Notorious B.I.G./Diplomats collaborator Young Guru as an engineer.

So It Goes features 11 songs from the outfit and guest appearances from the likes of Wavy Spice, Salomon Faye and even deep-voiced British crooner King Krule.

The album, we're told, will establish the band as one of New York's most unique rap acts. As a press release states, "Call it 'no wave' rap. Call it 'no school' hip-hop."

So It Goes will be available on April 8 via Hot Charity. The album's "Canal" can be streamed below.

So It Goes:

1. *
2. Canal
3. Snow Beach
4. So Sick Stories (ft. King Krule)
5. Remove Ya
6. Eat
7. So It Goes
8. Puerto Rican Judo (ft. Wavy Spice)
9. Protein
10. Bug Fights
11. Take (ft. Salomon Faye)