Rarest-Ever Beatles Record Unearthed?

Rarest-Ever Beatles Record Unearthed?
Here's another story to give you major second thoughts on wanting to throw out all that crap in your basement. According to various reports, an American record dealer has discovered what may be one of the rarest Beatles records in existence in the home of a Capitol Records exec's widow.

"At first look, I thought, 'Okay, this is a standard Sgt. Pepper LP, but - hey, wait a minute, it's still sealed. It's not opened,'" collector John Tefteller said. "And then as I look at it closely, I go, 'Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. There's no Beatles on here. Who are all these people?'"

According to the record executive's widow, who was in possession of the Sgt. Pepper LP, the four men replacing the Beatles on the album sleeve were her late husband's co-workers. "This was one that was given to my husband," she said. "The other people on this cover are all Capitol Records executives."

At the time, of course, this pressing of Sgt. Pepper's would have been considered a cute gag. Now, however, it renders this copy of the album as one of the rarest Beatles records in existence. Estimated at 100 copies printed, only three or four copies of the record have ever been discovered, with none seen for the last ten years, reports Vintage Vinyl News.

Tefteller is currently negotiating a sale of the record to top Beatles collector Stan Panenka, but the rarity of the find makes it difficult to establish a price.