Raquy and the Cavemen Dust

Dust is a hard-hitting, well thought out blend of Greek, Iranian, Indian and Turkish drumming styles mixed with electronics that rocks hard. Undulating rhythms in nine, seven and ten beat cycles adapt amazingly well to electric guitars and synth bass textures. The foundation of Dust is Raquy Danzinger's sure-handed playing. Her "Dumbek Duet” showcases her skills at their most upfront; it’s a fascinating exploration of the tonal and dynamic range of the Turkish drum. Her speed, control and phrasing are very accomplished on all hand and frame drums. Her playing of the bowed kemenche produces fiddle-like skronks with microtonal anxieties, conjuring some awesome riffs from centuries old folk traditions. Husband/producer Liron contributes guitar riffage and bubbling analog synth pads to provide a sympathetic electronic setting to the complex beats. Nearly every song tries and succeeds at augmenting the traditions they are based on — special props go to Haig Manoukian ("the Jimi Hendrix of the oud") for contributing a virtuosic solo in the title track. The liner notes helpfully explain the origins and playing techniques of the instruments. This is a very accomplished record — one hopes that Raquy and Liron will be able to tour to promote this. (Independent)