Rapider than Horsepower / Mae Shi Don't Ignore the Potential

Like a piñata that fights back, this split LP pelts the (noise) club swinger with sharp and shiny candy samples until they must cover their heads and cower. Hard facts on the release are sketchy (including what band plays which track), but this much is known: a limited vinyl version of the release initially appeared in 2005 on Germany’s Narshardaa Records. Rapider than Horsepower are a five-piece from Indiana whose members also do time in Racebannon and Rep Seki. Mae Shi are four from Los Angeles. While individual releases by both bands have tended towards the houses of noise rock where Xbxrx, Ex-Models and Hella dwell, Don’t Ignore the Potential has a more controlled and expansive address. RTH’s opening tracks have the jittery melodies and post-record slicing of older Joan of Arc, whereas Mae-Shi’s "$15.99” and "Radio Activity” smell a little of Beefheart. Just when you think their papier maché shells are broken and emptied both bands surge forward with fresh contents, duct tape repaired and riding the sugar rush. (Warner / EMI)