Rancid Toasted by Anti-Flag, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Street Dogs on New Tribute Comp

Rancid Toasted by Anti-Flag, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Street Dogs on New Tribute Comp
Bay Area punk legends Rancid still haven't offered up details on when we can expect a proper full-length follow-up to 2009's Let the Dominoes Fall, but fans will soon be able to hear a handful of classics reinterpreted for an upcoming tribute album.

Though a due date has yet to be pegged, Hooligans United will be delivered as a joint release between Rancid leader Tim Armstrong's own Hellcat Records and Smelvis Records.

A press release notes that the compilation "brings together bands from around the world that have been influenced by Rancid one way or another," with the intention to show how "Rancid is the real deal."

The tracklisting details have not been set in stone, but the organizers report that 25 covers have already been handed in, with more on the way. So far, the comp features contributions from the likes of Anti-Flag, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Street Dogs, Death by Stereo, Mustard Plug and more, with the track selection presenting punkier tunes like "Hyena," East Bay hardcore cuts like "Don Giovanni" and ska-inflected material like "Roots Radicals."

Though it isn't in its final order, apparently, you'll find a list of what's expected to appear on Hooligans United down below.

Hooligans United:

1. Street Dogs "Avenues & Alleyways"
2. Far From Finished "It's Quite Alright"
3. Death March "I Am Forever"
4. Hola Ghost "Django"
5. The Forgotten "Corruption"
6. Los Creepers "St. Marys"
7. Left Alone "Black Derby Jacket"
8. The Triggers "The Wars End"
9. Potato Pirates "Hyena"
10. The Phenomenauts "Life Won't Wait"
11. Koffin Kats "Detroit"
12. Death By Stereo "Rejected"
13. The Interrupters "11th Hour"
14. Bunny Gang "International Coverup"
15. Manic Hispanic "My Tia (Adina) "
16.  Mustard Plug "Roots Radicals"
17. Deals Gone Bad "Antennas"
18. Good 4 Nothing "Disconnected"
​19. The China Wife Motors "Something In The World Today"
20. The Briggs "Who Would Have Thought"
21. Inspector "Ruby Soho"
22. Voodoo Glow Skulls "The Brothels"
23. The Howlers "Don Giovanni"
24. Kevin Seconds "Salvation"
25. Big D and The Kids Table "Old Friend"
26. Kepi Ghoulie "East Bay Night"
​27. Motel Drive "Motorcycle Ride"
28. The Black Rose Phantoms "Tattoo"
29. Anti-Flag "Maxwell Murder"