Rammstein Hint at Their Return with Video Teasers

Rammstein Hint at Their Return with Video Teasers
This year, Rammstein are expected to deliver their first proper studio album in a decade, and the German outfit have now teased their imminent return with a number of video teasers.

A 30-second clip shared by the group finds the band members in nooses, preparing to be hanged, closing with a title card that reads "Deutschland XXVIII.III.MMXIX." For those not well versed in their Roman numerals, the title points to tomorrow's date of 28/3/2019.

The Instagram page of Berlin-based director Specter also features a number of stills pointing to the arrival of a new video. Along with the nooses, the page features multiple images of a Queen holding the severed head of vocalist Till Lindemann.

You can find the band's 30-second teaser and select stills from Specter below. We also recommend heading to the director's Instagram profile for a further look at what's to come.

Rammstein last delivered their Liebe Ist Für Alle Da album in 2009. Earlier this year, they confirmed that the yet-to-be-detailed follow-up had been completed. The band also delivered live album and film Rammstein: Paris in 2017.