Ramming Speed Brainwreck

Municipal Waste are heralded as heroes of thrash’s recent resurgence due to their D.R.I.-meets-Nuclear Assault onslaught. However, Ramming Speed may very well usurp the kings thanks to the sheer brutality and assault of debut full-length Brainwreck. With its thrash riffing, crustcore blast beats and death metal gurgling (circa Entombed’s Left Hand Path), it’s a veritable cesspool of extremities fornicating in their own filth and vomit. And just when it seems as if they couldn’t become any more disgustingly brutal, a wave of Black Flag-ish hardcore washes over the sullen mess with epic chant-along choruses. Naturally a few solos pilfered from Cryptic Slaughter meander their way into the fold, rendering Brainwreck a pretty descriptive title. It’s redeeming to see this whole gutter-swine element coming back into the world of heavy metal/crossover and with these 13 tracks of overbearing cacophony ("Shane Embury Is The Brad Pitt Of Grindcore” is brilliant in title alone), Ramming Speed deserve to lead the charge. (TDBR)