Raking Bombs You Are the Resliazjiaz, Unlike 001100110

Raking Bombs want to be At the Drive-In. With a singer who is at times a dead ringer for former ATDI crooner Cedric Bixler, the influence of said band is undeniable on this Vancouver-based outfit. That is not to discount the value of Raking Bombs’ music, which is quite brilliant, if not, at times, entirely original. Playing a very technical version of post-hardcore which falls somewhat in the footsteps of bands like Refused and Drive Like Jehu, You Are is a difficult album to listen to at times, though it is certainly rewarding. The quiet-loud dynamic is utilised quite frequently, to great effect, and the sung/yelled/screamed vocals provide a perfect match for the manic tone of the instrumentation. There is some incredibly strong playing throughout this album, particularly on the standout "On the Camel,” which features a very Ian MacKaye-esque guitar wailing and screeching in the background. Putting all comparisons aside, however, one is left with the simple fact that Raking Bombs write very interesting, very technical, and extremely strong post-hardcore. (Independent)