Rakes Remixes

It’s funny timing for this EP of remixes, considering the London band’s debut album is already a year old on these shores (and nearing two in their home territory). However, on the verge of releasing second full-length Ten New Messages in March, the boys in the Rakes have done a nice job keeping their profile afloat over here. This North America-only disc gathered by Dim Mak showcases the band’s songs as potential dance floor fillers. They utilise enough of a rhythmic punch in their own hooky, high-art post-punk, so the concept of this endeavour is certainly justifiable. However, Uncle Buck’s leadoff stab at "Open Book” is a little anaemic, trudging up a beat that doesn’t quite get any blood pumping. "Loving Hand,” however, recreates "Binary Love” as a hypnotic dose of tactful space disco that uses the song’s heavy mood as the anchor to transcend into the cosmos. Grime pusher Statik alternately turns in a helping of "grindie”: the hybrid subgenre he basically invented in London that rewrites indie anthems as temperamental hip-hop joints. "We Are All Animals” actually works in this mode, as the zooming laser bass lines scour the pounding two-step snare perfectly. Filthy Dukes camp up "22 Grand Job” like its stepping out with the Scissor Sisters, soaking it in cheesy electro and flashing sirens. It’s a little clichéd but with handclaps and plenty of attitude for strutting there’s plenty of fun here. Finally Weird Science (Steve Aoki and Blake Miller) end the EP on an uninspiring note, using a bland, almost too predictable template for "Work Work Work,” a pulsating song that deserves much, much more. All in all, Remixes is hit and miss, but would you honestly expect anything more in the age where anyone can be a DJ? (Dim Mak)