Raffi Apologizes for Criticizing the New Pornographers' Band Name

Our long national nightmare is coming to an end
Raffi Apologizes for Criticizing the New Pornographers' Band Name
Respective fans of children's music and adult contemporary indie can finally live in harmony once again, as Raffi has apologized for criticizing the New Pornographers' band name.

Yesterday (April 18), we reported that Raffi was rather pissed when he saw the band's name listed on a CBC performance page. He said the word "pornography" was "not a word to normalize in public conversation," adding that we should "consider youngsters, etc."

The tweet caused New Pornographer Carl Newman to embark on a tweet storm of his own, where he cracked jokes about his five-year-old losing all respect for him after Raffi launched a diss.

Though the beef threatened to tear apart the very fibre of Canadian music as we know it, Raffi has fortunately come to his senses and issued an apology to Newman and the New Pornographers.

Pitchfork got hold of Raffi's apology, which he reportedly sent to Newman. Here it is in full:

In a fleeting moment I reacted to a word, which I wrote about in my book Lightweb Darkweb. My Tweet was without context, on a gig night, Not cool. I apologize, Meant no disrespect to the band, its music, or its fans. RC.