Raekwon "Soundboy Kill It" (ft. Melanie Fiona & Assassin)

Raekwon 'Soundboy Kill It' (ft. Melanie Fiona & Assassin)
Less than a week after Raekwon shared his track "A Rainy Day," the Wu-Tang rhymer is back with another cut, this time updating his previously released "Soundboy Kill It."

This isn't too radical a change from the initial version of the track, which was a darkly cinematic number featuring a hook sung by vocalist Melanie Fiona. This time around, however, Kanye-collaborating Jamaican dancehall fave Assassin pops up halfway through to deliver an aggressive verse.

According to MissInfo.tv, the Chef's F.I.L.A. album is now due out early next year.