Raekwon "Rock N Roll" (ft. Jim Jones, Kobe, Ghostface)

Raekwon 'Rock N Roll' (ft. Jim Jones, Kobe, Ghostface)
Hey, remember when Raekwon's Shaolin vs. Wu Tang was supposed to come out last September? Well, clearly that didn't happen, with the record now scheduled for a March 8 release. We're not going to believe it until we hold the platter in our grubby hands, but at least we have a new leak to keep us calm in the meantime.

The thick boom bap and skittered synth runs on "Rock N Roll" hit about as heavy as a John Bonham drum beat, but Kobe's smooth vocal take on the hook suggests nights spent at the club more than banging your head at a stadium show. That being said, he does offer you up a "hit of Mick Jagger."

Joined by MCs Jim Jones and Ghostface, Raekwon rhymes of crocodile skin hats and blood diamonds before name-dropping Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. Considering how hard this tune hits, we're going to be showing the devil horns 'cause we're throwing our hands in the air like we just don't care.

You can stream the song below.

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Raekwon - Rock N Roll (feat. Ghostface, Kobe & Jim Jones) by factmag