Rae Sremmurd Bell Stage, Quebec City QC, July 9

Rae Sremmurd Bell Stage, Quebec City QC, July 9
Photo: Rick Clifford
Living the Sremmlife is all about being the life of the party, and Rae Sremmurd brought it to Quebec City the moment Slim Jimmy and Swae Lee bounded out from the stage wing, brandishing a bottle of Hennessy and a full pineapple, respectively. Wasting no time in getting their arms pumping and feet moving, the two brothers and their DJ got the crowd going to "Start a Party," "No Flex Zone" and "Illest Walking," only stopping to break up a fight in the mosh pit in the early going. "Shout out to the mosh pit though," Swae Lee exclaimed. "We love y'all!"
The brothers aren't in the business of putting on a technically sound rap show, their voices clashing with each others', their DJ's ad-libs and the incredibly loud instrumentals throughout. But the party never stopped: Slim Jimmy took a running start at the opposite side of the stage to slide through the pooling rainwater, while Swae brought a pile of t-shirts that read "Swae is Bae" out from behind the DJ booth and began throwing them into the crowd.
Bottles of champagne and vodka were opened onstage and promptly poured out liberally after everyone onstage had a sip. "Y'all are so lit right now," Jimmy said before Swae led the crowd through a "fuck the rain" chant. "It feel like the fuckin' sun is out don't it?" Roaring through "My X," "#DoYoga" and "No Type" made it hard not to agree, with some crowd members even lighting off Roman Candles they had somehow snuck in. "It's a celebration now!," the brothers exclaimed.