Rae & Christian/Various Nocturnal Activity

Remixes are intriguing in the sense that it's always interesting how another artist perceives the original recording and how they rework it, usually leaving it as a completely new song. Such is the case with Nocturnal Activity, which is Rae & Christian's Sleepwalking release unleashed on various producers and tinkered heavily to create a grouping of entirely new tracks of various tempos and vibes. Handing out their tracks to fellow DJs and mates, Rae & Christian were rewarded with a warm collection of funk, house, hip-hop and Latin vibes, all inspired by their original writings. The compilation really hits a high when the amazing Nextmen and Groove Armada take turns retooling two Pharcyde cuts with amazing results - the Nextmen serving up a chunky bass line and snappy snare, while Groove Armada equals them, but on a different tip with their slinky, hypnotic rhythms laced with whistling. Another gem amongst these mixes is Dual Control taking "Salvation" and turning it into a spellbinding and downright beautiful number capped off with Siron's lush vocals. With the key ingredient being a variety of angles and genres tied together with a common thread, Nocturnal Activity is a listen as rewarding as Sleepwalking itself, if not better. (Grand Central)