Radon Metric Buttloads Of Rock

Radon certainly sound like they’re from Gainesville, possessing the right mix of melody, insight, humour and production credits, courtesy of Rob McGregor. But where many of their local peers sound like they’ve been drinking a shot of moonshine every hour on the hour since age nine, both vocalists in Radon have that clean, imperfect vocal style that sounds just unsure enough to make every note they produce sound as vital as the last. They’re not drunk enough to be cool, but they’re drunk enough to sing with the kind of emotional abandon that makes punk what it is. With "Write Back Or Get Smacked,” the band deftly walk a line of sarcasm and realism, singing about back porches and e-mail over a fierce, driving backing that recalls Zen Arcade while promoting a Milo Goes To College melodic approach. "King Of The Sh1tlist” approaches jangle-y alt-country with the same kind of punk raised abandon as Against Me!, while tracks like "Re-Animator” and "Control Room” slow things down for some inspired stabs at late-era Jawbreaker. Along with rock, Radon have proven with this full-length that they can produce a butt load of earnestness as well. (No Idea)