Radiohead's Wall of Ice Mystery Cracked, New EP Could Be Out Monday

Radiohead's <i>Wall of Ice</i> Mystery Cracked, New EP Could Be Out Monday
It appears that Radiohead are even more sneaky and ingenious than we thought. Based on the MP3 that surfaced earlier this week, the Internet has been swarming with forethought into the possibility of a new Radiohead EP, Wall of Ice, dropping next week.

The .NFO file that was packaged with the original torrent for "These Are My Twisted Words" included a bunch of cryptic information, much of which suggested the EP would be out on Monday (August 18). However, it was impossible to know how legitimate the information was.

Then, the good folks at The Quietus left us kicking ourselves when they cracked the code and entered "" into their web browser. The URL leads to the same online store where users could buy In Rainbows with the pay-what-you-want model. Seriously, try it out.

Also worth noting is that the title Wall of Ice is likely taken from the popular web-comic XKCD, which shows an unstoppable wall of ice set to demolish the corporate interests of the music industry. So don't be surprised when Chris Martin, following his mentors, drops a new Coldplay release based on Dinosaur Comics next year.

If all goes as planned, the Wall of Ice EP could be out this Monday, so keep those eyes peeled!