Radiohead's Intimate London Gig Appears Online

Radiohead's Intimate London Gig Appears Online
Radiohead's surprise gig at the Rough Trade East shop in London was moved at the last minute to 93 Feet East, a modest-sized venue located across the street and equivalent in size to Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern. Police concerns of over-crowding spurred the move, much to the delight of 93 Feet East Events Manager Sean Hitchings.

"It was the stuff of dreams." Hitchings said. "As far as we were aware, they were playing Rough Trade. Then I just got a phone call in the evening saying could we accommodate the gig?" A big Radiohead fan, Hitchings called his sound engineer and a couple bar staff to the club and then "it was just a case of watching them carry their stuff over from Rough Trade to 93 Feet East."

200 lucky fans got to see the iconic Brits perform their latest album In Rainbows in its entirety and in order, along with a handful of fan favourites and b-sides to close the set. Front-man Thom Yorke seemed to be in a particularly jovial mood, joking and laughing, "I'm not taking the blame for that. There's a bass player here and that's a bass note," when the band restarted "Reckoner." When a similar mistake during "House of Cards" occurred, Yorke added, "Warts and all! Bum notes and all! That's why it took so long to make the record."

Now for your enjoyment, we've collected YouTube videos of the whole performance, in the order Yorke and company belted them out.

15 Step



Weird Fish/Arpeggi

All I Need

Faust Arp


House of Cards

Jigsaw Falling Into Place


Up On A Ladder

You And Whose Army?

The National Anthem

My Iron Lung

The Bends

And as an added treat you can download an MP3 of the entire concert here.