Radiohead to Play The King of Limbs in Its Entirety on Live from the Basement TV Special

Radiohead to Play <i>The King of Limbs</i> in Its Entirety on <i>Live from the Basement</i> TV Special
Considering Radiohead released their latest album, The King of Limbs, earlier this year, some fans have no doubt been hoping for some live dates to pop up soon. While the band haven't quite announced a tour just yet, news of an upcoming live television performance should sate some of the diehards.

The group have just announced that they will be partnering with BBC Worldwide Music Television to distribute an exclusive live performance of The King of Limbs. A press release explains that the special, fittingly titled Radiohead - The King of Limbs: Live from the Basement, will feature the "notoriously elusive band performing the entirety of their celebrated new album in a studio setting with some additional behind the scenes material."

Save for the black and white, Thom Yorke-centred dance clip for the album's "Lotus Flower," this will be the first time the band will be caught on camera this year.

Live from the Basement is longtime producer Nigel Godrich's music show. If you were jealous about some other fan catching the group in the flesh, don't worry, there will be "no audience and no presenter -- just a rare opportunity to see an intimate performance from one of the greatest bands in the world."

While it has not yet been announced how the special will be screened in Canada or the U.S., the program is set to air worldwide in HD on July 1.

Thanks to The King of Limbs Part 2 for the tip.