Radiohead to Drop Exclusive Record Store Day Release

Radiohead to Drop Exclusive Record Store Day Release
If Record Store Day wasn't looking sweet enough already, Radiohead have now joined in the festivities. According to Radiohead site At Ease, the band will be pressing an exclusive twelve-inch for the April 16 event.

The RSD release will reportedly include two new tracks: "The Butcher" and "Supercollider." The twelve-inch is rumoured to be limited to 2,000 copies; however, as At Ease points out, this is likely for just one territory. That said, some RSD releases don't always make it to North America.

Record Store Day did not include the Radiohead release in its list of official exclusives, but we're keeping on fingers crossed for this one.

UPDATE: Sorry, guys, this one is UK-only.

  In other Radiohead news, the band unveiled their free Universal Sigh newspaper today (March 28) in Europe and will do the same here in North America tomorrow. If you want to have a browse now, however, Consequence of Sound points to a PDF of the newspaper, which you can download here

Radiohead's The King of Limbs is due out physically in North America tomorrow.