Radiohead Reveal "Desert Island Disk" Vignette

Radiohead Reveal 'Desert Island Disk' Vignette
Radiohead's ninth LP A Moon Shaped Pool is finally out in the world now, but the band are still rolling out new content for eager fans with an Instagram series. The project pairs each track on the album with a different artist, who then interprets the piece into a small video vignette.
Last week, we saw one for "The Numbers," and now the next in the series has arrived. The visuals for "Desert Island Disk" come courtesy of Adam Buxton. The clip sees finds the nature falling victim to technological buffering, as the viewers' enjoyment of lovely spring flowers is frustratingly interrupted.
To avoid that all too familiar feeling of frustration, you might want to give the clip a second to load before hitting play down below.

The next offering in our series of Friday vignettes comes courtesy of Adam Buxton

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