Radiohead Really Don't Care About Getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Photo by Tom Sheehan

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jun 8, 2017

Unlike some people, Radiohead don't quite give a toss whether they make it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Next year marks the first year that the UK band will be eligible to be inducted into the storied institution, but the group members say they don't understand the fuss. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, each of the band members revealed his thoughts on the potential upcoming accolade — and none of them seem particularly enthused about the idea.
"It's a bit like having the free bus pass in the UK when you reach a certain age," said drummer Phil Selway. "Blimey. Have we got to that point? God knows [if we'll go]. We'd have to sit down and talk about it, but it's probably not at the top of my list of things to do. But who knows? I don't know."
Jonny Greenwood was rather unfazed by the prospect, too. "I don't care," he said. "Maybe it's a cultural thing that I really don't understand. I mean, from the outside it looks like ... it's quite a self-regarding profession anyway. And anything that heightens that just makes me feel even more uncomfortable."
Guitarist Ed O'Brien echoed those sentiments, suggesting that the group's disinterest in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is rooted in their British upbringing. "I don't want to be rude about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because for a lot of people it means something, but culturally I don't understand it," he said. "I think it might be a quintessential American thing. Brits are not very good at slapping ourselves on the back. It seems very show-biz and I'm not very show-biz."
It's perhaps unsurprising then that O'Brien isn't making any big plans to attend a ceremony if the opportunity presents itself. He's quick to point out that they haven't even been asked yet, but said, "If you ask me what I'd rather be doing that night, I'd rather be sitting at home in front of the fire or going to a gig," adding that award shows are generally accompanied by "a real level of bullshit" that just feels "non-authentic."
Singer Thom Yorke was surprisingly reserved in his response, cutting himself off before he once again "put my foot in my mouth."
And last but not least, bassist Colin Greenwood was the only one who seemed genuinely intrigued by the induction, saying he'd be "grateful" to be in such esteemed company as the past inductees — though he fully acknowledged that his bandmates don't feel the same.
"I don't know if everyone else will go though," he said. "It might be me just doing bass versions of everything like, 'Come on, you know this one!' I'd have to play the bass part to 'Creep' five times."

Next year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees are expected to be announced later this year. Read more of Rolling Stone's interview with the Radiohead over here.

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