Radiohead Quash The King of Limbs Part 2 Rumours

Radiohead Quash <i>The King of Limbs</i> Part 2 Rumours
When Radiohead released The King of Limbs, some listeners felt shortchanged by the eight-song, 37-minute album, which was by far the shortest of the band's LPs. Fans soon began theorizing that this was part one of a planned double album, but Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien has quashed this speculation.

In an interview with BBC 6 Music, O'Brien said, "There are [other] songs that we have started that we never finished, but there's not like seven or eight finished songs waiting in the wings to be released now, or in the autumn, or something."

On Record Store Day (April 16), the band will drop a UK-only twelve-inch single with two outtakes from The King of Limbs (listen to a preview here). After that, all future releases will be separate from the last LP.

O'Brien said, "When we start a new record, we tend to start afresh. It's kind of an evolutionary thing -- only the fittest survive."

This may come as a disappointment to fans who hoped a new batch of songs was on the way. This speculation was sparked by the fact that pre-orders of the album were labelled "TKOL1," causing many to believe that it would be followed by "TKOL2." Commentators also pointed to the fact that the last song on The King of Limbs is called "Separator," suggesting that it was a break between two different parts.

Still, it's not all bad news for fans hoping for a new album. Jonny Greenwood recently said that the group were working on new material, although no formal plans had been made.