Radiohead Finished "Another Group of Songs," Considering Release Possibilities

Radiohead Finished 'Another Group of Songs,' Considering Release Possibilities
The last time Radiohead gave us a studio update, they were in the midst of recording what guitarist Ed O'Brian called "the best record we've ever made." At the time, they were looking to release the album by the end of the year. Now, recording is finished, but band aren't sure how or when to put the new material out.

Pitchfork points to a new essay by bassist Colin Greenwood for the Index on Censorship entitled "Set Yourself Free." In it, he writes, "We have just finished another group of songs, and have begun to wonder about how to release them in a digital landscape that has changed again."

It's unclear if the new tracks will take the form of a traditional LP, as Greenwood says, "We are trying to find ways to put out our music that feel as good as the music itself." Last year, Thom Yorke suggested that the band were done with the album format, but these comments were later reneged. In the new essay, Greenwood refers to the latest batch of songs as "our next record."

The essay is an interesting read, offering some insight into Radiohead's "pay what you want" method of releasing In Rainbows. He also expresses some dissatisfaction at the state of online music retail, calling iTunes "clunky." Read the whole thing here.