Radiohead Cause Confusion by Giving Out Wrong Newspaper Delivery Address in D.C.

Radiohead Cause Confusion by Giving Out Wrong Newspaper Delivery Address in D.C.
Today (March 29) marks the North American physical release of Radiohead's new album, The King of Limbs. As reported, last week, the group are commemorating the event with a newspaper keepsake titled The Universal Sigh, which was to be distributed by team Radiohead yesterday and today across the globe. But while so far, most reports of representatives handing out the paper went off without a hitch -- lead singer Thom Yorke even handed some out yesterday in London -- an address snafu left fans in Washington, D.C. confused and annoyed.

The Washington City Paper [via The Daily Swarm] reports that the address of 784 Jefferson given by Radiohead to their devoted caused much head-scratching. In fact, the address does not even exist.

While some fans arrived at the proper addy at the Hirshhorn Gallery at 7th Street and Jefferson Drive SW, a crowd of roughly 30 Radiohead followers gathered at the corner of Brightwood at Jefferson Street and 7th Street NW near a church. The fans who arrived at the latter noticed that that there were no Radiohead reps there to greet them initially complained about the situation.

"It makes me not want to listen to Radiohead," said one fan, who took time off her lunch break hoping to snag the memento. She later joked that she would be replacing Radiohead with Lady Gaga on her iPod.

The situation was explained to the crowd that they were not in fact duped by the band, but that it was just an unfortunate scenario that the city had both a Jefferson Street and a Jefferson Drive, which had not been accounted for by the event planners.

It's unclear how many of the attendees at the wrong spot mustered up enough power to make their way across town to nab a copy of The Universal Sigh.