Radiohead "Lotus Flower" (video)

Radiohead 'Lotus Flower' (video)
As reported, Radiohead gave us quite the pleasant surprise this morning (February 18), releasing their new album The King of Limbs a day early. Along with that, we also got the new music vid for the Limbs track "Lotus Flower."

Not to rain on this parade, but it's hard to get all that excited about this video, which essentially features five minutes of Thom Yorke doing some awkward bedroom-dancing (or is that club-influenced interpretive dance?) while dressed up like some Clockwork Orange hooligan. Despite the hard-to-watch visuals, the song is decent enough, but on initial listen, sounds as if it would easily fit on In Rainbows. And that's all fine and good but hardly something to get all worked up about.

Despite our excitement just dropping several notches, you can grab the entire The King of Limbs album digitally over at