Radio People Announce 'Hazel' LP for Mexican Summer

Radio People Announce 'Hazel' LP for Mexican Summer
Another piece of the puzzle in Cleveland, OH's growing kosmische scene, Sam Goldberg has recently released top-notch albums under his own name and as Mist with Emeralds' John Elliott. Now, Goldberg will return to his Radio People project for a new album to be released on Mexican Summer.

 The record is called Hazel and the label describes it as "a collection of dream-like soundscapes, billowing clouds of synthesizers cut with poignant razor drones, expansive sweeping melodies and suspended harmonies... with Italo and Kosmische pulses, concise percussion and sombre vocals, but when left for a while it is always happy to melt back into music for drooping eyelids and swollen hearts."

Mexican Summer will release Hazel on August 23. The LP can be pre-ordered here, and album track "A Vague Year" can be streamed below.


 1. "Playground"
2. "A Vague Year"

3. "Blind Faith"

4. "The Maroon"

5. "Anthem"

6. "Walls In Motion"

7. "Hazel"

8. "Reactionnaire"

9. "Patience"

Radio People - A Vague Year by Mexican Summer